понедельник, 21 сентября 2009 г.


Данный блог был долгое время заморожен, а по сути - брошен. Но возникла интересная идея его реанимировать, но уже в ином - целевом качестве. Буду думать.

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During gene of the actually an eye to the first time it is deciphered in Russia. On it be experiencing officially in touch in the Russian centre of subject « ???????????? establish » where this complex slave away recently has been completed.
Thus, in Russia the eighth is made all in the world perfectly decoding ??????. For this Russians include achieved conclusion own forces and all to half a year. « It is deciphered Russian of the check shining beside a gene, – the head ????????? has told directions in academician Konstantin Skryabin. – after genetic portraits of the American, entertain been invariable, the african, the European and representatives of some other nationalities, now there was an possibility to compare to them Russian a gene ».
Gene is a set of all genes of an structure, i.e. cloth carriers of the transmissible tidings, which set parents haul descendants. Physically the gene represents the milieu of DNA bearing any unabated knowledge, in regard to eg, less a organization of a molecule of fiber. Favour, the set down of genes is the grown depiction, "scheme" of all body, the instruction of its construction. « It is needed victory of all for medicine. Before means of such analysis we can determine more minutely, what genes cause, for example, ancestral illnesses », – has explained the leading dab hand of laboratory ????????? Evgenie Bulygin's analysis.
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